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I'm Kevin A.M. Lewis, the author of Metal Shadow. I created this wiki to continue the legacy of The Writers' Lounge, a GameSpot forum now defunct. It was there that I earned my writing stripes by sharing my works with a community of like-minded individuals, getting feedback from them, and reading their works in turn. My hope is to create a similar community with this wiki, so that some other young, impressionable soul looking to practice the art may at last find guidance.

Please, join me in this elegant dance of the pen. If you know someone who writes a lot, extend them an invitation.

Why the Hell Do I Know This Much About WikiaEdit

Some of you may be wondering where in the freak I learned to write wikia code, or how I know so much about wikia in general. It was actually a stroke of luck that brought me this knowledge. Don't share this story with anyone, because it will feed the trolls. I'm only talking about it here since this is my house.

About 2 years ago I began to visit the Ippo Wikia daily for information about Hajime no Ippo. Each day I returned, I found some new stain of vandalism on the wiki. I also noticed that many articles had little to no information on them. I began undoing the vandalism and adding more information to the pages. After a while, I encountered spam bots and repeat trolls--things I could do little about. I contacted Wikia directly to inform them that this wiki had an inactive community, including an inactive admin, and that it was being vandalized daily. I was powerless. I asked them to please do something about it.

So they made me the admin of Wiki Ippo. :P

With my new godsent powers, I began activating system features to block the spam bots, and suspending the repeat offenders' accounts. I'm still cleaning up the wiki to this day. Sometime later, I decided to go the full mile and actually upgrade the wiki's look and content. I studied how other wikis designed their sites by looking at their source code, found in a tab in the top-right corner of the visual editor. After a while, I made my own wiki (which is now deleted so I won't name it). I discovered even more code from customizing it, then went back to Wiki Ippo and began to implement my own, unique designs to its front page and the templates. If you look at Wiki Ippo's front page, you will find many similarities to the Write Now Wiki's front page. Now, I'm in charge of the Metal Shadow Wiki and this one in addition to Wiki Ippo, and I'm learning not just wikia code, but some pretty snazzy HTML and CSS.

So that's the story. I've still got a ways to go, but I've gotten a lot of experience over the years just from looking at other people's source code and following Wikia's help documents. If anyone reading this is interested in learning wikia code, or even HTML and CSS, try joining a wikia community and start looking at people's source code. You'd be surprised at how easy it is!

My next stop: JavaScript. Looking forward to that.

Impressive Assortments You Should Definitely ObserviateEdit

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  • My other networks are listed in my user bio up top.
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