Men in Black Coats

The Men in the Black Coats cover

The Men in the Black Coats is a dark fantasy web serial hosted on Jukepop about a group of men who stay in random towns for one week, then leave. However, while there, a single person disappears each night, with no trace of their werabouts.

It is available to be read on Jukepop (link in Links section) for free, with print and ebook editions of each volume being released one week after each finishes, as well as an omnibus edition following the completion of the serial.

Volume IEdit

Rose Noble lives an ordinary life in the town of Stalworth. Or, at least, as ordinary as can be lived by a girl who became a best-selling writer just out of high school. However, things change when the men in the black coats arrive in town, and some of her best friends start disappearing. Now, it has fallen to her to find out where the victims of the men in the black coats are being kept, if they are alive at all.



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