Art by totorrl for Chaos Drive

The Year is 2070 A.D...Edit

Big Sys has found an unlikely friend in the deep recesses of cyberspace. Her name is Sibil--she’s from East Earth. Sibil likes grooming her pets, making dolls of herself, and solving a few dozen quantum equations per minute. Her day job? The same line of work as Big Sys: restoring the planet while averting a cold war.

Now the two smitten AI want to elope in the real world. To complete their quest they’ll have to deploy humanoid machines across a futuristic Earth, escape high-tech border patrols, outsmart techno-terrorists with a terrible sense of humor, and battle hijacked robots armed to the teeth with metaphysical weaponry. All the while, they must confront the reality that if they ever fall in love they would betray their source code--and hence everything that makes them system sisters.

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