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The cover of Radio Silence, taken by my photographer sister.

Radio Silence is a serialized action horror story published by Jukepop Serials . Radio Silence blends action and suspense with classic rock music from the 20th Century. Written by J.A.Romano (user:J.A. Romano).


The deaths of over a hundred and fifty prisoners in the Northson County Jail due to a fire of unknown causes is not very worrisome for most of the townspeople of Northson, but for Sheriff Gordon Matthews, it was tragic. His younger brother was in that blaze. 

Drowning his sorrows with alcohol, he is on the verge of committing suicide when his Deputy went on an inexplicable rampage and tried to kill him. The Sheriff who, just moments before had a death wish, found himself fighting fiercely for his life. 

Now he also has to figure out what caused his Deputy to suddenly attack him, and what else is out there. He could feel the choking presence of evil and its impending horrors. No clue other than the eerie sounds of music playing on radios that have gone dead.

Behind the Scenes of Radio SilenceEdit

One of the coolest things about writing an ongoing serialized story is that I get to find out what my readers think within a day of posting the chapter. As a writer, I'm always wracked with nerves about whether or not the chapter was good, but with Jukepop Serials, I can simply ask the readers what they think. Some fellow authors on Jukepop Serials have also taken their time to write a review, and their honest opinions have kept me on the right track.  
John Prindle

Review of John Prindle, writer of the Art of Disposal.

Writing the chapters generally takes me two to three days to complete, and then another three days to be edited, but what takes the most amount of time is choosing the right song to go along with each chapter.

With every chapter, I try to infuse at least one song that takes on new meaning when compared to what's going on in the story. In the first chapter, Another One Bites the Dustthe song acted as foreshadowing for the Deputy's attack on Gordon. It normally takes me a week to decide on the right song, and even then, I regularly change the song halfway through writing the chapter. If you know any good songs, please leave me a comment about it. 

If you're still interested in hearing more from me (doubtful), you can follow me on my blog,Writer's Periodical . You can also find out a little bit more on my thoughts on Radio Silence (and other works) by reading this interview I did with a good friend of mine. 

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