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A high fantasy novel by Kevin A.M. Lewis (user:iloveflash).


Noa Rylie, the Winter Queen, is proud, mighty, cunning, and devious. She's also pregnant with her first child, and she has no idea how it happened.

When Noa sets out to find an explanation to the impossible, her vacant throne becomes the meeting place for rebel factions and conniving tyrants long since ready to wage war. Only the Agency, an organization of highly-trained operatives with supernatural powers, have what it takes to bring her back and restore order to the realm.

But among the Agency's ranks are a man hellbent on revenge; four misfits who don't play by the rules; a duo of reluctant assassins; and an elderly medic who's just about had enough. Not exactly knights in shining armor.

What fate awaits these valiant warriors as they give chase to the dangerous woman alive? It's more connected than they'd think, and it's all going down tonight.


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Publication statusEdit

KotM is currently set to be published on Amazon and iBook by JukePop. Release date is currently Q2 2015.

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