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Hobson & Choi is a weekly comedy-drama detective serial, written by Nick Bryan and published on Jukepop Serials.

Enthusiastic teenager Angelina Choi has joined John Hobson’s one-man detective agency as an intern. Can she change the world before her two week stint ends, or at least find the undermotivated private eye a crime to solve? Can they solve a series of complex modern-day crimes, way out of Hobson’s comfort zone? Can they cope with each other’s dark secrets? Will they stop bickering long enough for any of that?

Updated every Thursday, around 1-2PM UK time.

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Review QuotesEdit

If the blurb isn't enticing enough, here are some quotes from readers, mostly from reviews on the Hobson & Choi Web Fiction Guide page . Further reviews always welcome.

  • "This is one of my must-read serials. If you enjoy mystery, a bit of crudeness, and dark humor, Hobson and Choi is definitely a serial you should check out."
  • "I’d definitely recommend this story to mystery enthusiasts, especially those who favor dark humor"
  • "H&C is just plain fun... Even when it’s being grim and ghastly, it’s still packed full of wit."
  • "by turns serious and darkly funny... my hat's off to the author"
  • "witty and just a bit gross"
  • "Hobson and Choi together are hilarious and I enjoy even just the small conversations they have because it makes me laugh every time."

Hobson & Choi PodcastEdit

The Hobson & Choi Podcast is published every Sunday and features the author reading out a chapter of the story, followed by a short monologue about the chapter and... anything else that comes to him really.

You can subscribe to the Hobson & Choi Podcast on iTunes , or if you hate Apple, you could always point your RSS reader at the H&C Libsyn page .

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