Brothers In Arms is a side story to Arthur by N.C. Gossner, featuring the characters Nolan and Wesley.


Wesley and Nolan are opposites. One, the serious minded step-son of a King, raised in a palace. The other the lighthearted and witty son of a poor trader, raised in a small cottage on the edge of the kingdom.
Friendship is the last thing the two boy's have in mind when they join the Queen's army to escape their past and reshape their future. But when they discover that not everyone is who they seem, and the fate of the Kingdom rests in their hands, they must work together to save the Queen.

Connection to Arthur Edit

Brothers In Arms take place before the events of Arthur, featuring Wesley and Nolan in the early days of their army career. There is little over-lap, so the reading order is not that important. That said, a natural starting point is after having read chapter 8 of Arthur

Chapter run-down Edit

Prologue Edit

(Chapters 1-2 on Jukepop) Ten years old Wesley is excited to get a half-brother and his step-father Demarco promises that they'll look after Arthur together. Half a year later, however, Wesley finds his parents arguing. Demarco decides they have to send Arthur away to keep him safe. At eight years old, Nolan is an energetic boy, eager to learn how to hunt. Then both his parents die, a few months apart, leaving him and his brother Benjamin alone in the world.

Chapter 1 Edit

(Chapter 3 on Jukepop) Ten years have passed. Wesley meets Nolan just after joining the western army. Wesley quickly grows annoyed with Nolan's joking ways and tell him to get serious. Wesley, who has quickly grown to be the General's favorite, easily bests Nolan in the practice yard.

Chapter 2 Edit

(Chapter 4 on Jukepop) When Wesley gets uncomfortable talking about his past and his Dad, Nolan makes an effort to steer the conversation away from it. Wesley and Nolan get to know the twins Samuel and Jonathan, refugees from the North who were orphaned in the war, and the proud, easily insulted, Thadeus West.

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