Beneath an Azure Sky
is a post-apocalyptic serial novel written by Andrew Johnston.

The story is a sequel to The Fabulist, picking up exactly where that novel left off. Escaping from the ruins of Chicago, trail scout Pathfinder heads north in search of a mythical peaceful land. What she discovers is not quite what she expects, and she instead finds herself drawn into a struggle between regional powers.

Beneath an Azure Sky was first serialized on JukePop Serials .


Pathfinder, despondent over the apparent death of Storyteller and still pursued by the remnant of Conqueror's army, attempts to return to her old life on the trails of the Illinois Wasteland. However, she is haunted by the memories of what she has seen and done in Scrapland, and finds no rest. In the wasteland, she overhears a story about the Pureland, a place said to be untouched by the chaos of the wastes. The location is a mystery - those who go in search of the Pureland either disappear or return driven to insanity. With little else to give her life purpose, Pathfinder heads to the Northern Wastes, following the only clue she has.

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