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Anna's Mystery
is a novel by Alex Davidson, the author of I am the Devil, written entirely through microblog posts.

Summary Edit

Anna's sister disappeared one year ago. Now, her sister, Alice, begins to notice some curiosities about it, and has decided to record her investigation on a microblog.


Alice Nagrel- The protagonist, Alice begins experiencing things connected to her sister's death.

Amy- The deuteragonist, Amy seems to think that Alice is possessed, and wants to help.

Julia- A teenager at Alice's school, Julia torments Alice relentlessly. Died March 10, 2014.

Anna- Alice's deceased older sister. Anna disappeared, and while no proof has been found to prove it, everybody thinks she is dead. A painting she had done of Alice with a strange monster behind her is what spurred Alice's investigation.

Hooded Figure- A mysterious figure who has recently been following Alice.

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