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• 2/4/2014

Welcome to the Dungeons

Here it is, folks. Write Now's very own RP board. I'm naming Aden the warden in charge of coming up with the rules. Everyone, please contribute your input about what those rules should be in this thread.

My own suggestion: I really don't want to see megalith-sized posts in these forums. So there should be a definite, tight limit on the wordcount. This could also create a challenge and make things fun.

Also, since Wikia allows us to edit each other's posts (you guys can do that, right? It's not just me?) we can god mode pretty easily. Definitely need some guidelines for that. The fun kind!

Lastly, can I suggest using Metal Shadow's class system for character creation? I created it to be universal in terms of battle possibilities, and I've been longing to test it out. Only problem is the formulas for stats like Attack, Defense, etc. are unfinished, so we probably wouldn't be able to use it for precise stat calculation. However I've clearly outlined the strengths and weaknesses of each class, specifically which class is weak to what and why.

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• 2/5/2014

Great job with the class systems. They're incredibly detailed. Almost as if you knew this would happen... *sinister music plays in the background*

I vote for Metal Shadow's class system. I'm thinking a 3,500 word limit per post would be nice. I remember back in my RPing days, one of the best guys would just write an 11k post to make sure the other person misses something. 

And the 11k was about walking through a park... So, yeah, I think 3.5k is reasonable. Maybe cut it down to 1.5k if it's too much for anyone. I do have a question. I'm sure this was probably covered in the comments section of Aden's blog post, but I can't remember it. There are a couple of times of RP sites. 

1st Type: This type is molded around a manga, comic book, Tv show, movie, or book. This is where I normally RPed, and I actually became rather prominent on Naruto and Bleach sites. (This probably won't work for obvious reasons.)

2nd Type: This type generally always failed, but it also had some really cool stories. The creator makes up an entire new world, or a setting. With my friend Keyan, we came up with a lot of RP sites like this, and we eventually decided to make them into books. So, this could be an interesting shared world thing like Wild Cards by GRRM. 

3rd Type: I actually never joined an RP site of this type, but my friend joined a couple. These sites had no Main Plot, or a main magic system, or even character creation. Each person just started a topic, and they normally talked it over with another member about the characters and story, and that was it. They just wrote. I figure this would work since it'd allow us to do the collab story, and it would also mean that anyone that doesn't want to do the collab story can just... do what they want with one of their buddies. 

Anyways, that's my two cents. 

• 2/5/2014

Thank you for this great honor, I will use my power to rule the - I mean, serve you all well under mind contr - I mean, fairly. Totally non-abusive. 

Personally, I don't RPs should be entirely combat focused. We can have combat elements, but I do not believe that is a must. I have RPed my fair share of non-fighting, non-powered stories and they can be incredibly fun as well. So we can use the Metal Shadow class system for characters and RP threads with a combat focused, but that should be a optional thing.

I think, since we are a writing community, with most, if not all of us having our own stories, it'd be good to do something along the line of thinking of original stories, characters and settings. I agree that we must all have fun doing this, but I also wish that we, as writers, would be able to practice and learn new techniques from RPing. So I'm proposing two type of RP styles to play here before posting a more detailed rule set later after the discussions are done.

Traditional RP

This would be the more common RP experience on most forums, where we interact with other characters per post, while descriping actions and reacting to the previous post and dialogue. This RP style will require a minimum of 150 words per post with a limit dependent on the parties involved. The settings will be up to the players and will likely be in small groups of 2-5 people.

I'm hoping this can help us practice our character interaction, creation of personalities, and dialogue skills.

Chapter RP

This is something that I have personally never seen before on RP forums and would like to try it out. Participating writers would write a complete story for characters based on a pre-established basic outline of a plot. Each chapter would focus on one character by one writer, following and adding on to the previously established plot in the previous chapters, without interrupting the actions of the characters that came before. I think a 1500-2500 words is a good limit for one sitting of a chapter.

For this, it would possibly help us to expand out character backgrounds and story creation abilities. Since we not only have to tell the story of our current character, we must also take note and input along the established plot points by existing chapters and adapt our stories into the world. Since we as writers have full control over the happenings in story, it's possible to get tempted to deus ex machina the world we created to fit the situation of the plot. Hopefully, this can help us curb that habit if we have it.

There will also be different 'game types' I'd like to introduce.

Open World RP

If we have written or created original fictional worlds and settings in published stories, we can open up that world to the RP populace. But the world needs to be sufficiently detailed and with lores, explanations, and a fair set of its own in-world rules to be eligible for Open World RP. For example, once I am ready, I will post my In Evening world, with description of the rules, timeline, events, lore and anything else useful in general in a "Open World RP" thread. Anyone can then use that setting for a RP story with any self created character.

Original RP

Fully original plots, characters and worlds, discussed between the participating RPers. This is basically a sandbox, anything goes kind of thing. 


We used to have this Story Arc on my old forum. What happened was there would be a main 'Planner' organizing a cross-thread story in the same world, often culminating with an epic finale. So, an example would be a story that revolved around a drug ring, with all antagonists and minor characters related to that drug ring being played by the Planner (and any others who wish to help). From there, RPers will create characters like police officers, detectives, and members of the public, all involved in this drug ring in some way.

Of course, these Arcs requires the commitment and particpation of many people and can only be played in the traditional RP style. The Planner(s) would have to handle multiple stories fairly, fully expecting his creation to be defeated. As the Planner(s) would get a lot of power in his/her dabbling cross thread, they must first be trusted and approved before being allowed to run an Arc. So far, I've only ever ran 3 successful Arcs in my entire RP career. They were incredibly fun, but very hard to plan. 

Collab/Publishing RP

This would be done in the chapter RP style only. People participating in this would expect their story to be publishable. So there should be thought out starting and ending points, with the entire experience inside a single thread. This RP will not continue indefinitely with multiple posts and should top with a chapter limit not exceeding 50, each chapter being the length of a standard story chapter.

So, that's all the things that I've though up for an RP. Please leave feedback on what you think might work, or what can be improved or should be removed.

• 2/5/2014

I'm biased toward Chapter RP, Arcs, and Collab/Publishing Rp. On an old Rp site, I remember they normally did these big Arcs, and it was, I agree, very complicated. What they would do is get all the staffers in on it and they'd discuss the system of events in the Arc. Then, they'd create NPC characters to make the Arc go as planned, and it generally took months to accomplish. 

They were a lot of fun, though. I think this is a really good list, Aden. Looks like Kevin chose the right abusive overlord... Not even bothering to correct that. :D

We'll need a couple more people, though, to make this fun. I'll talk to some of my old friends, and who knows. Maybe by the end of the week we can start discussing the story of a Collab Project. 

• 2/8/2014

Doesn't seem like there's enough people interested in the idea of RP here. I propose we keep this board open as the wiki grows, and add in the rules later, seeing that we should have more input on the idea.

• 2/8/2014

[eats popcorn while watching the wiki run itself for a few weeks]

Dude... [munchmunch] ...It's been like three days since the thread went up... [munchmunch] ...But ever thought about inviting your friends to join? [munchmunchCRUNCHIKLES]

• 2/8/2014

3 days? Really? It felt like weeks! I guess that's just my IRL situation here going so slowly that time has started to bend and break around me. Soon, I shall be the new centre of a black hole. Well, guess I can wait a few weeks longer. My sense of timing is going. Must be getting old. Also, I'm not sure if it's physically possible to make 'crunchikles' sound while eating, well, anything really.

• 2/10/2014

I'm having enough trouble finding the time to work on A River of Godsblood, so I won't do any RP-ing. Maybe when summer rolls around, but definitely not until then.

• 2/28/2014

Alright, finally got off my arse and read the rest of your post, Aden. I suggest making a general RP guide (post it on this board), then tossing an RP thread at us--anything you want--so we can get our feet wet.

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