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• 2/4/2014

Reaper Ex Magus - iloveflash's notes

Just 15 chapters? That I can do. While I head into hibernation this week to write MS, I'll read a fellow epic fantasy on my down-time to keep the fire going.

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• 2/26/2014
Still couldn't break down that massive wall of text that is chapter 2. So I've decided to skip to the chapter that grabs my interest the most. Let's see which one I land on.
• 2/28/2014

Stupid phone wouldn't post this so...

Halfway through chapter three, I realized I REALLY dislike this story's narration style.

-Constantly switching characters make me unconcerned for any of them.

-Some characters' perspectives are third person, others in first, and it switches to second person abruptly and arbitrarily. Dizzying and distracting.

-Lots of telling. Lots and lots of telling. So little showing. This matters because this is a visual, action-oriented story. Exposition can't be visualized.

On the story itself, it seems to be going at the right pace. I'm guessing I missed a battle between Chaos and the Reaper. No idea why the story decided to switch to a guy talking about his sons and honor with that going on. It sucks because that scene started off pretty epic, too. I thought this guy was going to jump right into the fray and wreak havoc.

Currently on the second scene of chapter three...

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