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Mira Laime
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• 1/31/2014

How'd you come up with your book cover?

I see some damn cool original covers sprouting up around the wiki. Now I have to know how you guys came up with them.

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• 2/1/2014

I think Romano's cover for Radio Silence is freaking awesome, especially if you see the full sized version with the tree reflected in the puddle. 

Mine's something I cooked up myself, since I also do films and photography on the side. I just didn't had time to make something proper until recently so I was stuck with the old over art until I could set up a quick photoshoot for that picture.

Used to do all my photo editing in photoshop and InDesign which was provided free from my old school. But I reformatted my harddrive just last year so all those just upped and gone and had to make do with GIMP which took awhile to learn. Still can't do typefaces.

• 2/4/2014

Thank you very much! My sis took the picture ( as I've mentioned thousands of times ), so I'm pretty proud of it. I was just looking through my sister's photos on her computer, and I picked maybe ten pictures. 

The one I chose was my favorite, and unlike the other photos, there isn't any architecture around that gives away the fact that it's not in America. (Which is where Radio Silence takes place.) 

If that hadn't worked out, though... I would've been stumped since I forgot everything I ever learned in Photoshop, not that I knew much to begin with. Hobson & Choi is my favorite cover, mostly because I have no idea how that was created. (Photoshop? Is it a drawing? Is it a picture?)

And then To the Limits of Hate and In Evening are tied. I've been trying to decipher what's exactly in the cover of In Evening, but I keep hitting a brick wall. Very mysterious stuff. :D

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